metaCAMPUS launches Admin Gateway Management Service

Bellevue, WA – January 19, 2014

metaCAMPUS launches its soon to be administrative gateway service for access to verified student competency data into development. will use Windows Azure active directory technology to create a single-sign-on interface to seamlessly connect with institutional and corporate single sign-on implementations.

metaCAMPUS LLP is excited to announce this new addition to its growing suite of nimble, web-based, service applications.

metaCAMPUS sets up Student Account & Mobile App Services

Bellevue, WA January, 18, 2014

metaCAMPUS LLP leverages Windows Azure, Visual Studio 2013 environment to place metaCAMPUS Student Account and metaCAMPUS mobile applications into development. In the future these can be found at:

What is metaCAMPUS?

metaCAMPUS is a collaboration that began in November of 2012 as a result of several organizations getting together and rallying around a common cause and belief; that through our joint efforts, we could revolutionize the way our country approaches the academic experience and how people gain value from the credentials they strive for in the lifelong learning process.

metaCAMPUS is a collaboration that began in November of 2012

The immediate result of our dialogue was the revolutionary notion that the academic process is a workflow that is conceived in the curricular processes of an institution, and grows into to the establishment of learning outcomes and competency based objectives defined to specific curricular sets, that then are packaged and delivered to the student. There are many statistics being passed around about the growing “crisis in education”, and there are many external forces acting on the system. One of those statistics is that only 19% of today’s college students fit within the traditional 18-22 year old student demographic.

Only 19% of today’s college students are between 18 and 22 years old

The majority of students in college are working adults. They are parents, often juggling two jobs and a family, trying to get ahead. These are people searching for a way to retrain for their second, third or fourth career in the new economy; and each of the parts of the academic process, from curriculum, to delivery need to change to meet changing demands of our society and the demographic of people attending our national academy.

The mission of metaCAMPUS is to promote, develop and support corporate, academic and government technology partnerships

Given each of our core competencies, we found ourselves in a unique position to be able to effect drastic change upon the marketplace and the industry. So we came up with the metaCAMPUS model; which represents the metamorphosis that our institutions need in order to adapt and survive in the 21st century economy.

In many ways the academy is going the way of the music industry or the newspaper industry before it. Brick and mortar schools aren’t going away soon; but in the future, they will fade into the background while more nimble, accountability driven organizations take their place on what people think to be the cutting edge and on the world stage of higher education. Our local community colleges, liberal arts schools, or religious colleges will face being drowned out of the market in the same way we lost the voice of the local papers and private record labels; but with the right strategy, the right digital strategy, they will still have their place and will continue to provide great service to our society.

The mission of metaCAMPUS is to promote, develop and support corporate, academic and government technology partnerships in the time of this great transition to a digital academic era. In many ways this transition has already begun; and we are seeing the start of that with the MOOC movement. metaCAMPUS exists to level the playing field in our nation’s academy and to provide a guiding light in uncertain times.We accomplish this through direct collaboration with academic, corporate and government stakeholders in understanding their needs and providing solutions that are tailored to the specific challenges we see being faced by these groups.

The first of these challenges is in understanding the appropriate infrastructure to support competency based learning. The second is to understand the training and employment needs of corporations and to share this data across relevant organizations like the department of labor and academic institutions to then be able to develop relevant curriculum programs designed around the needs of the workforce. The third is to be able to reach and engage students online about these programs and to provide an interface by which they would be able to share their learning data across these different stakeholder groups in a verified, certifiable way.

The metaCAMPUS suite of solutions is designed to accomplish each of these goals; and our team would be happy to share more about what our partner organizations are doing to promote and develop our unique corporate, academic and government partnerships that will make the metamorphosis of higher education a reality.

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