Open Letter to Mr. Svorinic CurrIQunet CEO et. al.

Mr Svorinic:

I am very deeply disappointed with your decision to keep silent about our ongoing dispute surrounding the right of metaCAMPUS LLP to conduct its business in the United States.

Last week I gave you and your legal team an opportunity to avoid what will otherwise surely be a costly and lengthy appeal process (see below).

All that was necessary for CurrIQunet to avoid continued legal action was to issue a simple apology, and provide metaCAMPUS an affirmation to the effect that CurrIQunet, aka Governet would cease and desist from the use of the metaCAMPUS name and mark in trade, and provide upon metaCAMPUS any records involving the unauthorized use of the metaCAMPUS mark and its derivatives.

Regretfully, you have decided not to do any of the above.

It should be obvious to you, despite the advice of counsel, that metaCAMPUS is a legal entity founded in Washington State and is entitled to all of the rights and protections provided to it under the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Washington.

Yet, under your leadership, “CurrIQunet“, previously known as Governet and also known as Nevada Contractor’s Registry Inc. has through its private and public statements and omissions consistently chosen over many years to misconstrue the facts surrounding the conception of “metaCAMPUS” which I might add was originally proposed to the then “Governet” and “Campus CE” executive leadership: Young, Howard, Tamas, Pace et. al. as a “joint venture” opportunity.

Since that time, your company has acted to directly and indirectly thwart any and all attempts toward the development of the underlying concepts and intellectual property that would otherwise greatly benefit our nation’s crumbling educational technology infrastructure. This must stop!

In doing so, your organization is actively aiding and abetting those at the US Department of Education who would rather see students crumble under the burden of ever mounting debt in the privatization models proposed by Secretary DeVos. For many years now you have kept the radical innovations that metaCAMPUS seeks to provide from the marketplace.

You are obstructive to progress!

I might also add that educational technology such as yours has not significantly impacted any vectors related to reducing the overall cost of a degree to students and the overall cost of administering higher education to society since the 1960’s.

That’s nearly six decades of stagnation!

Your clients have made significant investments in cloud based educational “solutions” such as yours with the belief that the so called “value proposition” that you claim to provide will ultimately drive down costs to students and the public.

For many years now, you have failed to accomplish just that. Before continuing down this path you should think seriously about what it is your executive team and your organization is trying to accomplish.

The very word secrecy is repugnant to a free and open society.

Your staff, clients and stakeholders should take note.



George Artem | President & General Partner @ metaCAMPUS LLP | 206.953.6231

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Subject: Fwd: metaCAMPUS LLP Lawsuit
From: George Artem <>
Date: Thu, September 28, 2017 1:46 pm
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From: George Artem <>
Date: Mon, Sep 18, 2017 at 9:01 PM
Subject: metaCAMPUS LLP Lawsuit
Cc: metaCAMPUS LLP <>, Mark Svorinic <>

To whom it may concern:

I am prepared to withdraw metaCAMPUS LLP from the appeal process on the following grounds:

1. Letter of apology from Paula Young for obfuscating the facts to attorneys surrounding the timeline of my dismissal in June of 2013 by September 28, 2017.
2. Curriqunet’s aka Governet aka Nevada Contractor’s Registry Inc. full written compliance with the Cease & Desist letter sent to the executive leadership of Governet by September 28, 2017.
Please let me know if this would be acceptable.
Thank you,

~ George | 206.953.6231

~ George | 206.953.6231

metaCAMPUS to compete for 2014 SBIR funding

Bellevue, WA  – 2/5/2014

metaCAMPUS is pleased to announce its intent to participate in the 2014 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) competition put on through the U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences.

metaCAMPUS will be submitting a Phase I application for the purposes of developing a suite of prototype applications to its unique workflow solution. Phase I funding of $150,000 is awarded over a six month period with the the intent to complete prototype development, as well as usability & feasibility studies.

More information on the SBIR competition and past winners of IES awards can be found at:

Please use the form below to contact metaCAMPUS LLP for more information regarding its SBIR RFP submission.