metaCAMPUS Vision & Mission

The mission of metaCAMPUS is to promote, develop and support corporate, academic and government technology partnerships in a time of  transition to a new, digital academic era. We provide disruptive innovation to the international academy via a patented unique workflow solution that we deliver through a technology life-cycle management platform, and suite of student and administrator facing software as a service applications.

Our team has the deep industry experience of direct collaboration with academic, corporate and government stakeholder groups, specifically in understanding the needs of competency based programs, and we balance this with our deep understanding of the various technologies required for their operations. Please visit the metaCAMPUS Apps page for more detail.

We see the three major challenges of the international academy to be:

  1. Understanding the appropriate infrastructure for supporting competency based learning programs

  2. Understanding workforce training needs and delivering curriculum that is relevant to corporations and the workforce

  3. Engaging online constituents and sharing data across organizations in order to create a culture of continuous improvement

The metaCAMPUS suite of software and platform as a service solutions is designed to accomplish each of these goals; and our team would be happy to share more about what our partner organizations are doing to promote and develop our unique corporate, academic and government collaborations.

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