Executive Team


George Artem – President & General Partner


Mr. Artem is an inventor, strategist, and driven social entrepreneur who is focused on improving access, affordability and results of higher learning academies. Artem’s background is in web-based enrollment management, student information management, schedule production and curriculum management technologies delivered to enterprise clients including both community colleges and universities. Artem is also involved in projects related to creating smarter cities through the adoption of internet of things technologies to help track the availability and use of public infrastructure, and is an advocate for ending homelessness in the greater Seattle region.

He is both a graduate of the University of Washington with a Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration as well as a graduate of the Bellevue College Business Transfer program. George also has experience in a variety of educational settings which have included the public and private school systems in the United States and Canada. Artem is also a junior member of the International Association for Continuing Engineering Education. More information on the IACEE can be found at iacee.org.




Rahul Singh – Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Rahul is a Lead Developer, Mentor, and Project Management Lead. Rahul’s background is in analysis, design, development and implementation of cloud based server and applications software, successfully shipping multiple versions of extensible, high performing scalable server products, and leading highly motivated skilled teams. Rahul has expertise in deployment topologies and providing them with scalable pluggable solutions. He is also known for strong leadership, conceptualization, analytical, and logic skills enabling comprehension, as well has having 2 patents for mobile communications and application. Being a good team player with strong problem solving skills makes new challenges a breeze for anyone who works with him.

He is both a graduate of the National Institute of Technology with a Bachelors of Science, Computer Science and Engineering as well as a graduate of the University of Washington Business School with a Technical Management MBA.  Rahul received the National Talent Scholarship in India, which is conducted at the national level. He was valedictorian of his MBA class at Foster School of Business, UW.





Noah Stevens – Chief Financial Officer

Noah is a Real Estate Entrepreneur with a focus on sustainable development and a passion for data analytics. While in the process of developing a tool to analyze investments more quickly and efficiently, he found that there was already a company that filled that space quite well. After an “if you can’t beat them, join them” moment, Noah decided to apply at Tableau Software where he currently manages their proposal process.

Noah’s love of all things entrepreneurial did not die, however, after joining a large corporation. As a result, when he heard about metaCAMPUS, Noah jumped at the opportunity to be a part of a new company with an amazing idea and potential to make a real difference.





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