metaBADGES & the Blockchain an xBTC Analogy

Seattle, WA 11/8/2017

At metaCAMPUS LLP, we believe that no one person or entity should be able to exert complete control over our National and the Global Academy’s transition toward the future “meta campus”, a future in which we believe in the possibility of real world learning and corporate learning experiences being valued as much if not more than those of structured academia.

metaCAMPUS LLP hopes to help bring about this transformation via the introduction of its own tokens or badges for digitally branding and validating learning experiences called “metaBADGES”.

While “metaBADGES” would serve as competency tokens on the metaCAMPUS Application Life-cycle Management Infrastructure, the concept of “badging” is not unique to metaCAMPUS, or its ALM Solutions.

We see the future World as being a place where metaBADGES co-mingle with competency tokens delivered by the Mozilla Open Badge Alliance and others in an environment akin to the block-chain marketplace. In many ways we already live in the world of learning validation recognition outside of the traditional four year degree. Technical markets and software development in particular have already begun to value practical experience and coding “dojo” certification over the likes of traditional adult & continuing education centers at community colleges and universities.

While we hope that “metaBADGES” will become the Bitcoin standard for competency validation, we fully expect that a world of “alt-BADGES” will continue to evolve around the primary innovation that metaCAMPUS seeks to offer this marketplace; and as more and more sectors of the educational community begin to implement badging technologies in order to validate learning experiences, metaCAMPUS hopes it can finally capitalize on its original vision and mission statement of bringing corporate, academic and technology stakeholders together in creating the “metamorphosis of academia”.


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